The Guild team in Hawaii is continuing to grow and bring on great loan officers. A big part of their success with continued expansion can be credited to managers within this region. Some of Hawaii’s influential managers include Gary Kwock, Dominica Rizzo, and Gavin Brayce. Gary Kwock is a manager that has been in the industry for over thirty years. He is very knowledgeable in this field and his sales team is continuing to grow with the continuation of acquiring skilled loan officers. Dominica Rizzo is a new sales manager in the Honolulu Branch who has been heavily recruiting new loan officers and has done various sales and marketing strategy events with current loan officers on her team. Gavin Bryce works alongside his wife at Guild and is a top funding originator in the Hawaii region. A few up and coming loan officers in this territory include Sheena Kanui, Alma Alcantram, and Alan Yee who are all newly licensed officers and are killing it so far! In addition to the great team members, this region has also given back through its involvement in multiple charities. For instance, Guild is the #1 sponsor and volunteer for the Domestic Violence Abuse Shelter in Kailua, HI and the Women in Need Shelter in Hawaii. Additionally, team members of this region also recently participated in the biggest charity event in Hawaii known as the Tourism Industry Charity Walk. Lastly, this region has also started to host regular marketing events for realtors that advertise Guild’s most important loan products.