Each year, we honor our top producing loan officers for their hard work and amazing contributions to the company. We recognize three categories of achievement: Circle of Honor, President’s Club and Chairman’s Club. To achieve President’s Club recognition, loan officers, as either individuals or in teams of 2, must reach $24M in purchase volume or 144 purchase units and $40M in total volume or 240 total units. Teams of 3 or more loan officers much reach $36M in purchase volume or 216 purchase units or $60M total volume or 366 total units. For branch managers, the threshold is $180M with 1,000 total units and for area and district managers, they must reach $600M to achieve this honor.

Our 2018 President’s Club award winners are invited to attend 5 days at the Four Seasons Nevis, West Indies to celebrate their hard work and incredible success. Congratulations for this amazing achievement and thank you for your dedication and hard work!