Have you ever wondered how mortgage companies choose products to offer? At Guild, we ask whether or not a potential new product will help people into homes. If “yes,” we begin implementation. Through the roll out of new products, we ensure we’re offering products that make sense. We want to help customers from different scenarios, and want to support our loan officers in being able to offer those products easily. To that end, we’ve restructured our Product Team and developed new growth strategies for 2018.

Our Product Team starts with new senior staff members who are leading our product strategy and development efforts. They work with our sales teams to understand their needs and with investors to strategize rollout and implementation. We’ve also built up our support team with a product specialist assigned to specific regions to answer any product-related questions. To keep us on track and communicating frequently and effectively, we have a new project manager who is helping to implement a new project management software system. This newly formed team will handle product implementation from the moment we say “yes” through risk assessment, legal review, programming, operations management, sales training and marketing collateral for employees and customers.

We remain committed to our values and to helping first-time homebuyers and offering down payment assistance programs. We offer more than 500 down-payment assistance and bond programs nationwide. We also offer options for low down payments on conventional loans, as for example, through our 1% Down Program. All of this is possible because even through growth and industry change, we stay true to our roots.