We asked Stephanie Birn, Wellness Program Manager, about what she appreciates the most with our Guild Giving program. Here’s what she had to say. “We all want to work for a company that offers a greater sense of purpose and supports each of us in living our own personal core values. We’re looking for work/life integration. Many people prefer a career that gives them a chance to make a difference in the world. I think the Guild Giving program hits the mark and meets that personal desire. Guild Giving has weaved user-empowered giving back – donating, matching, and volunteering – into our everyday employee experience.

Giving is not a one-size fits all activity. It’s important to contribute to causes that matter most to us as individuals. By allowing me to bring my personal passion to work, Guild Giving creates a unique emotional bond which helps to drive authentic engagement. The Guild Giving employee portal allows access to thousands of charities.  I love how easy it is to post both volunteer and donation opportunities to share company-wide with my colleagues. It’s great to leverage the kindness and willingness of others to create some good in the world. There is something for the quiet, the passionate, the quirky, the dreamers and believers, the do-gooders, and the curious. I believe this core value helps to lay the groundwork for a healthier mindset at work. During my time at Guild, I’ve already seen the company prove that supporting charitable giving is more than a feel-good move, it’s also socially responsible and imperative as we grow.”