We asked our Human Resources department what they look for in employees. Here’s what they had to say: In addition to specific job-related competencies, we are seeking employees who embody our corporate mission, vision, and values systems. This means hiring individuals who are driven by our mission of delivering the promise of home, and who already display the traits and behaviors of Guild’s values:

C – Customer Service (Proactive attention to each person)

I – Integrity (Do and say what’s right)

R – Respect (Treat others w/ dignity)

C – Collaboration (Listen and work together)

L – Learning (Seek knowledge and strive for improvement)

E – Excellence (Deliver the unexpected)

There are few things more critical to the success of our organization than bringing the right people on board and encouraging their growth. Hiring decisions should be undertaken very thoughtfully and candidates should be carefully evaluated to ensure their long-term success. In order to bring consistency to the interview process and make it more impactful for our hiring managers, HR has created tools to assist Hiring Managers. We look forward to welcoming more new talent to Guild all the time!