In any complex business matter, where people see issues from different perspectives, there is always potential for gaps in understanding. That’s why collaboration and communication are key for success. At Guild, our departments link up to close gaps, get on the same page with goals and work together to deliver results.

For example, our Secondary Marketing team links up monthly with regional managers. They share perspectives, come to a common understanding and reach optimal decisions. Because the shared goal is collaboration, these meetings help participants share their thoughts and work together.

Some topics tackled so far include challenges facing our sales teams, competitive pricing and product offerings, internal policies and procedures and training and marketing. These meetings have led to improved communications about new products, more marketing materials for employees, more educational pieces for customers and updated procedures.

As we move into the new year, any challenges will benefit from our improved communications and teamwork. That’s why we ask departments to link up and encourage people to speak openly, ask questions and share perspectives. With more information, we better chart our course forward as a team.