Have you seen the hashtag #NewYearSameUs? In a lot of ways, that hashtag is relevant to us here at Guild. Every year, while we gear up for new goals and how to grow thoughtfully, we remind ourselves and each other to stay true to our roots.

We’ve already begun strategic initiatives in talent management, geographic expansion and customer retention. We will also use technology to enhance personalization for customers and increase efficiency and products companywide, while maintaining excellent customer service.

We provide many products for almost every kind of circumstance. However, our roots are in helping first-time homebuyers and those with complex credit histories. In 2017, we offered our 1% Down Program, which is still available. We also added to our over 500 down payment assistance programs to reach more customers.

To get a better sense about who we are, where we come from and where we’re headed for 2018 and beyond, take a look at The Guild Way.