At Guild Mortgage, we’re connectors. We connect funders, processors and underwriters with loan officers, loan officers with homebuyers, homebuyers with homes. We also connect with each other internally across departments to problem-solve and innovate together. We truly enjoy making these connections and work hard to make a complex and disjointed application experience more cohesive and as simple as possible.

To keep up the connections in 2018, we will remain focused on enhancing the customer experience with better communication, education and localized touches. How? We’re offering education to employees through Guild University as well as updating our technologies to streamline communication efforts. For example, we’ve implemented a new CRM solution that gives loan officers a better idea of each customer’s needs through personalized profiles. We’ve also implemented new program management software for employees to more easily collaborate from anywhere in the country!

While mortgages become easier to access digitally through these kinds of updates, we understand that a human connection will and should always be part of the process. If you want to learn more about our focus on connecting people and technology, check out The Guild Way.