Let’s Connect

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At Guild Mortgage, we’re connectors. We connect funders, processors and underwriters with loan officers, loan officers with homebuyers, homebuyers with homes. We also connect with [...]

Servicing is More Than Maintenance

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Our Servicing Division looks forward to building on its success in order to accommodate thousands of new customers. At Guild, we think of servicing a [...]

Our Customers Are Our Community

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At Guild, our customers matter. You’re our peers, neighbors, friends, family. We’re here for you from the first contact through to the closing and later, [...]

How Does Shayla Gifford Put Customers First?

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We asked Senior Loan Officer Shayla Gifford how she ​puts customers first. Here's what she had to say! "Our customers are family. We concentrate on lending a [...]

Customer Commitment

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Going on four years, we’ve actively sought customer feedback through our customer satisfaction survey. Once a customer closes a loan with us, he receives a [...]

Maintenance Matters

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At Guild, we service most of our loans, so we serve our customers after they’ve moved in to their new homes. From renovations or refinancing to [...]

What is Servicing?

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After your home loan closes, you begin making payments to your mortgage servicer, who handles the daily management of your mortgage. That includes collecting and [...]

Caring for Our Customers

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At Guild Mortgage, we believe in caring about our customers. From before the application process begins, to after closing, we provide resources for wherever you [...]

What do customers love about Guild?

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We asked Ashley Hansen, Administrative Assistant for Customer Service, what customers love about Guild. Here’s what she had to say: “They love our attention to [...]

Answers When You Need Them

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We guide people through the homebuying process and work with them throughout the life of their loan. When they’ve moved into their new homes, they [...]