How to refinance your mortgage in 7 steps

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How to refinance your mortgage in 7 steps Whether you’re refinancing your mortgage to lower your monthly payments or to make home improvements, educating [...]

Top 10 reasons to refinance your home

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Top 10 reasons to refinance your home Are you thinking about refinancing your mortgage? Even if your current loan payments are affordable or [...]

Link Up to Close Gaps

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In any complex business matter, where people see issues from different perspectives, there is always potential for gaps in understanding. That’s why collaboration and communication [...]

What to Know About HOAs

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With housing inventory lower than before, more people are looking at condominiums (“condo”) and townhomes when shopping for a new home. Most condos and townhomes [...]

What is Servicing?

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After your home loan closes, you begin making payments to your mortgage servicer, who handles the daily management of your mortgage. That includes collecting and [...]

What is a Loan Officer?

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At Guild, we have more than 1,100 loan officers. Have you ever wondered what a loan officer is or does? Great question! They work directly [...]

What is Mortgage Lending?

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This month, we’re taking you behind the scenes. Guild is a leading independent mortgage lender, specializing in residential home loans. But what does that mean? [...]

Property Tax Fun Facts

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After a loan closes, many questions arise for homeowners, including those related to property taxes.  An important thing to remember after you close your loan [...]

Property Tax Information

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A property tax is a tax assessed on real estate, usually based on the value of the property you own and usually by your local [...]

Application Preparation

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After deciding what you can afford, where you want to live and which dream house to choose, there’s still paperwork to get through. Our goal [...]