Achieving Goals Together

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As we continue through the second quarter of the year, we revisit our goals and how best to achieve them. We begin with collaboration. Our [...]

Digital Options, Personal Touch

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We recently announced the launching of MyMortgage, a digital mortgage portal that combines a paperless loan application with a personalized mortgage experience. MyMortgage allows customers [...]

Caring for Our Customers

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At Guild Mortgage, we believe in caring about our customers. From before the application process begins, to after closing, we provide resources for wherever you [...]

What do customers love about Guild?

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We asked Ashley Hansen, Administrative Assistant for Customer Service, what customers love about Guild. Here’s what she had to say: “They love our attention to [...]

Answers When You Need Them

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We guide people through the homebuying process and work with them throughout the life of their loan. When they’ve moved into their new homes, they [...]

Serving Through Servicing

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Today I’d like to talk about the homeowning experience, a lifelong process. Through our website and social media, we share tips and resources on useful [...]